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¡Pedro Almodóvar and “Los amantes pasajeros” wish you happy holidays!


The teaser for “I’m So Excited!” has been received voraciously, but it has also given rise to some questions which, given that these are days for marzipan and generosity, I’m going to answer.
Question nº1. Are Javier Cámara, Raúl Arévalo and Carlos Areces incredibly camp, or am I becoming homophonic?
A- You’re not becoming homophonic (that word is a typo, but I like it so much I’m not going to correct it). You´re quite right, the characters played by our three magnificent actors are extremely camp. The thesis: if bishops make such a show of being camp, why can’t cabin stewards, for example, do the same. In any case, some fans of the hetero Raul Arevalo have confessed to me that they find him much sexier when he’s being camp than when he isn’t.
2. During half of the teaser, the three actors mentioned above give the impression that they’re doing a choreography of “I´m So Excited” the song. Is “I’m So Excited!” the film a musical?
A- No, it’s not a musical. It’s true that the cabin staff on the flight whose adventures are told in the film, at a certain point and without being asked, interpret a playback of the song by the Pointer Sisters to raise the spirits of the passengers in Business Class.
3. I’m intrigued by the shot of a very unsettled Lola Dueñas. Where is she looking, what is causing her such unease?
A-. At that moment she is looking at a torch that is set into the wall in the stewards’ area, and wondering whether to hide in the washroom and put it in her pussy. That´s the reality of the fiction, but here is its metaphor: Lola is sensing at that precise moment the enormous success “I’m So Excited!” will bring her when it opens, that’s why she seems so agitated. Although Lola has already been discovered, her work in “I’m So Excited!” will be a revelation, as was the case with María Barranco in “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”, Antonia San Juan in “All About my Mother”, Kiti Mánver in “Pepi, Luci, Bom”, and Chus Lampreave in “Dark Habits”.
4. In the shot of the plane, where Hugo Silva appears… what exactly is happening? Some people say he´s asleep but after watching the teaser dozens of times, a group of fans have come to the conclusion that his upper lip is moving a little, as if he were puffing, but we can’t agree on what exactly he´s expressing. Is Hugo Silva asleep, is he in pain, is he playing a fag too, is he in his death throes?
A- Too many questions in one. Hugo Silva’s character isn’t dying, he isn’t in pain, nor is he asleep. The secret is in the lower part of the cabin which we can’t see. I can’t reveal any more. But I can tell his followers, male and female, that the tan he displays in each of his films (and “I’m So Excited!” is no exception) is natural, from birth. I can also tell them that, very near the end, he has a conversation with Antonio de la Torre that makes worth watching the whole film.
No more for today. I’ll continue being in contact with the collective unconscious and I promise to answer the questions I pick up.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the strikers and I wish with all my heart that the Three Wise Men will bring Mr. González, president of the Community of Madrid, “a little bit of sensitivity”.
Pedro Almodóvar
27 December 2012

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